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Adviser and Director Profile

Special Counsel: Yuichi Ezawa
Japan Representative and Vice Chairman, UBS Group Japan. Graduate of University of Tokyo School of Law. Served as Director-General of the International Finance Bureau, the Ministry of Finance and a member of the board of the Export-Import Bank of Japan (restructured as the Japan Bank for International Cooperation in 1999).

Adviser: Jesper Koll
Managing Director Chief Economist, Merrill Lynch Japan Incorporated. Graduate of Johns Hopkins University. Worked at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, JP Morgan Securities Asia Ltd and as Managing Director of Tiger Management L.L.C. before joining Merrill Lynch Japan Inc. Lived in Japan since 1986.

President & Chief Executive Officer: Gunji Sakamoto
Manages a Tokyo-based Investment advisory service company, and a Senior Adviser at Sofaer Capital Inc. London. Served as Japan Representative and General Manager of the Tokyo Branch of The First National Bank of Chicago (Senior Vice President). Graduate of Chuo University of Law, Tokyo.

Executive Vice President: Kaoru Kamisaka
Served as Management Editor of a Tokyo-based international financial information publisher and Correspondent for “the Oriental Economist Report” published in New York. Author of several books including “The Disorderly Currency Markets” and “The Dawn of a Weak Yen Era”. Graduate of Waseda University School of Social Science.

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